Business & Commercial Law

Whether you are a start-up, planning to buy or sell a business, or looking for advice on a business dispute, we can help you with a range of matters.

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Buying And Selling A Business

We have the necessary skills and experience to advise you on the purchase or sale of a business. We can assist you with business types including companies, partnerships, and trusts.

Each party to a sale or purchase of business transaction should be independently advised by a lawyer.

Business Contracts

We can prepare or review all types of legal contracts including purchase or sale of business, Put and Call Options, franchise agreements, supply agreements, service agreements, distribution agreements, partnership agreements and commercial contracts.

We will make sure that the contract terms and conditions are suitable for your business now and into the future and ensure that due diligence standards are met. For buyers, we ensure that you get what you pay for. For sellers, we help minimise risks associated with selling a business.

Commercial Disputes And Commercial Litigation

We offer dispute resolution services and business litigation covering a wide range of problems including breach of contract, building and property disputes, debt recovery, copyright infringement, partnership disputes and corporations law.


If you’re looking to buy into a franchise we can help you go through the franchise agreement and franchisor disclosure documents to make sure that you are aware of all of the issues that could make or break your new business.

Property And Leasing

We can assist with retail leasing and commercial leasing for both landlords and tenants. We can also assist with the sale or purchase of commercial property.

Debt Recovery

We can assist with the whole process of recovering money owed to you from an initial Letter of Demand through to Statement of Claim and Court Judgment.

To protect your cash flow you need to ensure that your business can collect bad debt. This is a common area of business activity and there is a well established legal process for debt collection for businesses.

The Process Of Recovering Bad Debt

Letter of demand is sent to the debtor. This debt collection letter needs to be legally admissible and so must include: specific details of the debt, a request that payment be made by a certain date; and a warning that debt recovery options will be pursued if payment is not received by this date.

Suing for debt. Court proceedings commence with the filing of a Statement of Claim. The Court handling the matter depends on the amount of the debt and the forms required vary so it is important to seek legal advice at this stage.

The way that the debtor responds to the Statement of Claim determines the next steps. They may agree to an instalment order, they may not respond at all in which case a Court Judgment will be obtained or they may file a Defence.

Court Judgments

The Court has a range of options available to proceed with collection of your money. These include:

Why choose us?

We can help you at any stage of the process of recovering a business debt, whether it is helping you write an effective and legally sound letter of demand, or pursuing the matter through the Court system. We are familiar with the process of enforcing Judgment and can manage the process right through to bankruptcy or company winding up proceedings if need be.

We are also well aware of the costs of debt litigation and can advise you on whether it is commercially viable to proceed to Court.

Never Letting It Happen Again

One way to protect against bad debt is to review your contracts, trade agreements and terms of trade. We can help you make sure that your terms are clear and your processes solid so you can avoid lengthy and costly litigation proceedings in the future.


We can draft and review mortgages, guarantees, charges and other securities documentation.

Whatever your circumstances, we can help you mitigate the costly risks associated with running any business.

We can help

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