Wills & Estate Planning

Yes, you do need a will!

Planning for your family’s future after you are gone is a really important legal task.

If you take the time now to make an effective legally binding will, you can save your family not only stress but money in what will undoubtedly be a difficult time for them.

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If You Already Have A Will, When Did You Last Review It?

You should certainly review your will after any major events, such as marriage, divorce, property purchase or sale, business purchase or sale, death of a beneficiary or if your assets change significantly. We also recommend that you take a look at your will every couple of years just to make sure that it is still the best instrument for you and for your family.

How Do You Know A Will Is Valid?

For your will to be valid, you must be mentally competent, the will must be correctly signed and witnessed, and show no evidence of tampering.

If there is any doubt, or potential for dispute as to your mental competence, you should get a doctor’s confirmation of your capacity to make the will and include it with your will.

You Would Like To Make A Will But You Are Unsure Where To Start?

Things you need to consider:

Who will be your Executors?

Your Executors have the legal and administrative task of sorting out your assets and debts after you die and making sure that your wishes as outlined in the will are upheld.

Who will be your beneficiaries and what effect will their inheritance have on their circumstances?

You can designate anyone as a beneficiary and distribute your assets in any way you like, however if you don’t provide for your family and dependents, your will can be contested and your hard won assets used on litigation fees.

You should also consider the effects that an inheritance may have on your beneficiaries. In some cases a testamentary trust can sidestep potential taxation problems, so it’s important that you get specific advice about your situation.

How we can help

We can write a will that makes your wishes clear, that avoids confusion and conflict amongst your loved ones, that is legally valid and binding and protects your family and friends from costly and stressful legal disputes.

Our fees

We charge a fixed fee of $330.00 incl. GST for our "simple" will.

We charge a fixed fee of $550.00 incl. GST for our "simple" will for a husband and a wife.

If you would like to make a number of specific gifts to multiple beneficiaries or wish to establish a testamentary trust or the will involves more complex work in some other respect, please speak with us about your circumstances so we can give you a fixed fee quote.

If You Have Any Questions

Contact us to find out how we can assist you or to arrange a free 30 min consultation.

Are You Ready To Make A Will?

If you are ready to make a will, please fill out our Will questionnaire (coming soon). We will then prepare your will and provide you with a draft for review together with our advice.